Whoa … hang on a moment. Before we run any ads at all or play with any of the shiny tools, we’re going to make sure you have an offer that is irresistible. Because, the stronger your offer (or ‘hook’ in ad land terms), the better your campaign will perform. Nobody’s got time to waste your ad spend! We keep it easy by assessing your offer along with your other current marketing assets before anybody hits ‘go’, and can help you strengthen things if it’s needed.

google & youtube ads

When to use Google’s tentacles? All The Time. However, it will depend on your product or service as to which order we use Google in.

For instance, if you’re a plumber you know people look you up when they need you NOW. Some campaigns are suited to using Facebook at the ‘top of funnel’ and then retargeting on Google, and for others we’ll flip it around. We’ll talk to you about your customer’s journey when deciding on the best strategy. YouTube is still in the ‘gold rush’ days for many industries. Guitar teacher with an online course? We’re going to have you make videos explaining what’s up, and we’re going to build two funnels - one for beginners and one for experienced guitar players who want to improve their technique. This will let us send very specific messages to each type of prospect … and of course we’re going to follow up both on Google and via email ...

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Our subscription clients enjoy a complete copywriting service at no extra charge, whether their campaign needs ad copy, sales pages, emails, or press releases.

One-off copywriting orders are available with a turnaround time of 2 business days via our offshoot, Your Ads on Demand.

Copywriting for Profit is the perfect solution for in-house copywriting training. Learn not only how we write copy for 7-figure campaigns, but what to look for in terms of commercial KPIs.

Make your words work for you

Email Marketing

Email Is Everything to Every Platform’s Campaign. Collect email addresses from your audience. We’ll say it again: collect those emails.

But we’ll make sure it’s done in a clear, respectful way and then we’ll build you follow-up systems using email automations that are personalised for each step of your customer’s journey.  Email marketing is probably one of the most under-rated platforms, and it is possible to significantly increase the revenue of your business … almost on autopilot … with a strong email campaign in place.We help create the reasons that people will give you their email address, build the system to capture it, set up tagging and segmentation in your customer relationship management system (or set you up with a CRM if you don’t have one yet) and maintain the campaign. Our email marketing service ensures the ‘voice’ of your brand comes through in every message, and helps you build trust with your prospects so that they come to you, asking to give you money and work with you.

Automate and ace your email campaigns

messenger marketing

Messenger (or ‘bot’) marketing is an incredibly versatile channel that, because of the intimacy of the chatbox, can see engagement rates of up to 88%.

We use bots for things as simple as an FAQ flow, to help customers decide which service is best for them, to deliver special deals, and we’ve even used it to ‘let the algorithm decide’ when a client was trying to decide where to open next. Simple bot builds are included in your monthly fee. If the project requires significant headspace we’ll be happy to provide a quote.

Unlock the power of Messenger Marketing to help you better connect with customers

website Hosting

Getting online is easier than ever.

Our clients appreciate the lighting-fast hosting that includes priority support, daily backups, timely PHP updates and, where required, email management. Hosting for most sites is $24.95/month.

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website development

Website creation and development is available at very reasonable prices. Each website we make for our clients includes the installation of Facebook and Google tracking code and integration with your preferred CRM.

The copy we write is optimised for search engines to give you a powerful start. Having McKee Creative build your website also means that it will be “traffic ready” in terms of Facebook and Google compliance. Sites we have built include,,,, and, of course, this one.

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Press Releases

Let us help your message get to the right place.

Getting your news out in the ‘old school’ way is still a useful way to bolster the usual digital marketing campaigns, and helps build backlinks for your search engine optimisation (SEO). We include relevant press releases in our flat monthly fee for our subscription clients.

Set up a well oiled PR machine for your business