We reduce your mental load by ensuring every aspect of your digital marketing is operating perfectly.

Forget those agencies that send you an extra bill every time you have a new idea.

At the outset we’ll run an analysis of your goals and recommend the strongest way to get the job done. We’ll look at what it is you offer, who you’re offering it to and which tools are needed to get that message out at the right time.

Because it’s the message that must come first, then the tools. McKee Creative has built a reputation for providing SMEs with highly-skilled marketing support. We’re known for making sure the details are right and that all the moving parts play nicely together.

Some brands we've worked with

The principles that govern us

Let our expertise pave the way.

Whether you want to try out a new Messenger marketing campaign or split test which landing page converts the most customers, we make it happen easily.

 Our mission is to complement your business strategy with sound advice, seamless execution and excellent return on investment. 

From just $744/week

You can have access to the skill set of our entire team: web design, ‘funnel’ design, Messenger ‘bot’ builds, copywriting, search engine optimisation, Facebook and Instagram campaigns, Google Ads, YouTube campaigns, email marketing and more. 

Success across a range of industries

We’ve worked with businesses from industries as varied as film distribution, marine tourism, ecommerce (both low and high-ticket), online coaches, accountants, lawyers, art and real estate investment firms, renewable energy and health.

More than just ads

Clients appreciate our strategic approach and that relief of knowing we ‘have their back’, often alerting them to issues beyond the marketing scope to ensure their customers have the highest quality experience. 

Relationships built for longevity

Our clients work with us for a minimum 12-month period to ensure they reap the benefits of systems after they’re built. Regular check-ins ensure nothing gets lost in the day-to-day, and you’ll be able to concentrate on your core strengths when running your business.

Work with us
A master at her craft.
“Had the pleasure to work with Jo on 3 projects with strict timelines and in depth creative work. It was refreshing to see another professional actually know what they are talking about actually executed on those projects with laser precision. We’ve worked on projects with Jo and her team from full blown branding and marketing audits (she crushed it), 20+ page website builds (looks beautiful), and implemented a really strategic digital advertising game plan inside Facebook and Instagram and is crushing it. I look forward to working with Jo on many more projects.”
Travis Eubanks, Digital Marketer
Each campaign brings a high, steady flow of leads.
“Each campaign brings a high, steady flow of leads which has been a success in the development of our businesses. We also have people visiting our studios to enquire who say they first learned about us via Facebook™. We have found McKee Creative respond to our enquiries within one business day. The team at McKee Creative are calm when placed under pressure, extremely professional, and want us to be a success. They are willing to help and advise us with the best solutions.”  
Jessica & Andrea, Easy Exercising
In-depth understanding that produces results.
“I could not recommend Jo and the team at McKee Creative highly enough!
They have such an in-depth understanding of digital marketing that produces results.
Their approach to building out strategies is as thorough as it gets;
the service & communication is outstanding.”
Nathan Doran
Lives up to its name.
“McKee Creative lives up to its name. Jo and her team are such a pleasure to work with
and they are extremely knowledgeable about Facebook ads.
Her team takes a lot of pride in their work and they get results for
businesses who want to grow. I highly recommend them!”
Jula Pereira
Highest quality customer service I have seen.
Jo understands digital marketing from the inside out.When she builds strategies,
she works to understand every detail, mapping out everything so you know
what is happening and why, and then her team delivers with
some of the highest quality customer service I have seen."
Raul Hernandez