Email Marketing Explained: How we use email to generate an average 30% of revenue for our clients

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  • Our clients have used Messenger Campaigns (sometimes known as Chatbots) to make strategic business decisions, answer customer FAQs for high-ticket events, and grow their email lists. The result is powerful: we’ve seen 98.8% of people open campaigns, and 71.4% click through.
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Dictionary for Email Marketing

Flows: A flow is an email triggered every time a certain behaviour occurs, like abandoned cart emails.

Campaigns: A campaign is a one-time send to a group of contacts, like a promotional email or holiday blast.

Segments/Segmentation: The division of email subscribers into smaller segments based on set criteria.

Open Rates: Percentage of subscribers who open an email out of the total number of subscribers.

The Beginning

Start strong with a good core sense of brand identity and email organisation, using these tips below, before launching into the gritty stuff.

1. Know Your Brand and/or Email Revenue

You’ll start strong in your email marketing journey if you cover the basics of understanding your brand and your plans to develop early. Consider your current and desired revenue gain through email - there is always room for growth!

2. Find Email Service Provider

We find Klaviyo and ActiveCampaign can be most useful in recording this email data and enabling the growth and success you need, however there are many good email platforms available. Make sure the one you choose has good deliverability rates and that the features you need to build automations + tag and segment your audience are available. If you’re running paid traffic campaigns you’ll also want to make sure your email platform integrates with your store, so that you can create, for instance, custom Facebook audiences.

3. Gather and Segment Email Contacts

Find a way to encourage people to sign up to your mailing list. It can be a good idea to do so through a signup form on your website or landing page. It’s crucial to then segment your audience by breaking your list into much smaller lists to tailor to more specific interests. It stops your emails from getting sent out on a mass basis and keeps it personal (which REALLY makes the difference in open rates!) Typically, it’s a connection tactic to deliver relevant email marketing to subscribers based on geography, interest, purchase history, gender, engaged over the last … days and more.

Hot Tip: Try to avoid “sign up for VIP list” comments to gain subscribers, it’s only successful for very well-known brands. Instead, give people a compelling reason to sign up, such as a discount on their first purchase.

4. Consider Naming Conventions

Consider the naming conventions you’ll use for flows and campaigns.

It’s a good idea to follow the formula:
Type of Flow (Pre or Post Purchase) | Flow Trigger | Flow | Flow Name

Which might look a little like this:
Pre | Shopify | Flow | Abandoned Checkout

5. Test!

Be ready to test your emails regularly to make sure you’re getting the best possible result. A lot of providers will enable you to do this through an easy setup. You can delay test your emails, or A/B test them, by splitting them up as random samples (usually just 50%) and sending out the same email, or even different emails, with different variables to compare the results.

Considering these key core elements of email marketing, regardless of which stage you are at on your marketing journey, will ensure a strong foundation for your brand and audience, setting you up for open rates at an all-time maximum!

Core Email Flows

Let’s get started!

Here’s a simple guideline to use regarding which flows to make, plus tips for getting the most revenue out of each.

Integrating these core flows in your email marketing system will mean that you have a solid foundation in place.

Core Campaigns

Use campaigns where possible for items, holidays, and general points-of-interest.

Combined with a proper leverage of list segmentation, you should see a distinct improvement in the way customers interact with your offers. Even if you start out with just one? You’ll be driving revenue.

How this integrates with the bigger picture

You’ll also find there a number of other crucial campaigns to integrate into your marketing strategy.

Giveaway Campaigns can be a little risky, as they won’t always hit their revenue targets. Collection or Product Campaigns, where you are taking people straight to a Collections or particular Product page, offer more points of approach. Mix these up with email campaigns that aren't all sales-driven (because nobody wants to be pounded with the "Buy Now" button every time). For instance, we once sent an email with a subject line of "Lazy Sundays ... xo" that reminded readers how fabulous they are. We didn't include a "Buy" button at all - just made them feel good. That email brought in over $700 in sales as a by-product!

All Email Services… Sorted!

Email marketing is one of those areas many business owners say they should "get around to".

So, get on it now - use the bonus templates to make sure you have something in place that you can add to.

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