JUNE 2023

McKee Creative brings powerful digital marketing results that are so effective, many clients stay for years!

Vivid Vision

The year is 2024 & we've reached four exceptional milestones...

1. Our annual revenue is in excess of $2 million.

2. We have a core team of 5 serving 20 long-term agency clients, each of which is exceeding their campaign KPIs.

3. We provide $1000/month each to SweetFeet and Well Aware and are moving into the Angel Investment space.

4. The resources and connections accessed through the agency have helped our team members achieve many of their own personal goals.

C O R E   V A L U E S

People (our team, our clients and the others we inspire) come first. We deliver excellence and we aim to “make more to give more”.


We interview new team members with a filter for how they’ll fit into and contribute to the existing team. While we “hire experts”, skill alone doesn’t cut it - there must be a commitment to our core values.

We work towards excellence in marketing results and have developed systems that bring our team members peace of mind at every step, leaving energy to look for opportunities to innovate. While each person on our team is quick to address unexpected incidents, we respect and protect“out of office” time and aim to keep those incidents to a minimum.


Our team members work remotely so that they can enjoy the surroundings they’re most comfortable in.

We make sure they have everything they need to look after their health as well as making their workspace “just right” for their own style.

Customers come to us for one of three solutions:

Full digital marketing management services - our clients love that they don’t have to worry about all the moving parts;

  • Full digital marketing management services - our clients love that they don’t have to worry about all the moving parts;

  • Done-for-you copywriting via Your Ads on Demand

  • Copywriting training via Copywriting for Profit for themselves or their staff.

Our clients often first hear of us via word-of-mouth, while others come to us via our own marketing funnel.

W O R L D - C L A S S

W O R L D - C L A S S   S T A N D A R D S

Our work ensures each customer's

Website converts at a minimum 2%

SEO brings leads

Content is written in a way that connects with the audience, defines the problem to be solved and specifically articulates the solution and sets out a clear CTA with minimum friction (steps) to purchase

Paid traffic campaigns are set up to make best use of each platform’s algorithm, consider the audience’s average time and path to purchase, and lift the lifetime value of each purchaser

Email marketing underpins and strengthens all paid traffic campaigns, generating revenue our customers didn’t expect at the outset

Reporting is provided at the level of detail each customer prefers

Revenue increases in line with the customer’s goals.


We recognise the value of in-person connection.

Travel restrictions permitting, we meet once a year in June for a short break and opportunity to see how we’re travelling in light of this Vision. Partners are welcome because we recognise they’re often valuable ‘behind the scenes’ supporters.

We invite representatives from the groups we sponsor - it’s powerful for everyone on our team to see the impact they’re making. And we invite our clients to join us for an informal lunch, to update them on growth opportunities, introduce them to our sponsorship reps and give them a chance to better get to know our team.


Publications are buzzing about us.

They constantly talk about the combination of our refreshing approach along with the extremely strong results we achieve. They highlight our people-centred thinking. We’re recognised for our focus on helping ethical companies grow in terms of profits, customer retention, and positive community impact.

Without “buying space” we’ve been featured in Anthill Magazine, Business Review Weekly (for our work with upcoming ecommerce brands), Money Magazine (highlighting the value of a strong ROI in digital marketing), and publications such as Peppermint and Frankie Magazines. Jo is regularly invited to speak to industry groups and on podcasts to help business owners understand the power of well-built digital marketing campaigns.

Systems & training

We have a Slack channel for each client campaign and a Monday board for task management.

We use Dubsado for Work Agreements, Client Campaign Briefs and Invoicing, and GSuite for file storage. Every week we find at least one small way to improve and further automate our workflows. This helps us minimise errors and increase quality of output.

We maintain membership in industry-leading communities to ensure each of our team has access to the highest standards of ongoing training.


We refuse to pressure any prospective client to sign with our agency.

Interested business owners complete an application form that allows us to offer the most appropriate “next step” for their revenue growth.

Each prospective client agrees to allow us to audit their current assets so that we can identify how we can help.

When we send a work agreement, we take the time to go through it with the prospective client to make sure they’re comfortable with the terms, and we don’t lock clients into longterm contracts.


When McKee Creative is talked about, the full campaign management, on-demand copywriting and copywriting training are all talked about together.

Highlighted is our commitment to ethical, effective marketing and the strong ROI we bring to each project.


Because our balance sheet is healthy we are able to give in proportion to our growth.

The company is debt-free and able to take advantage of new opportunities that are in line with our values.

Our customers pay in advance for work done, and understand that if they do decide to discontinue their working relationship with us, they need only provide 30 days’ notice. This gives us time to fill the space with a new client and maintain a steady cash flow. However, clients such as Easy Exercising have been with us for six years, and none of our clients have any plans to move on.

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