For the brand that is serious about scaling.

You will get Facebook ads for your business, plus Instagram, Google, email, blog posts, and SEO.

The consistency and strategy that unlocks massive potential.

Who is this for?

The Economy Marketing Package is perfect for you if your brand is doing at least $50k/month, and you're ready for that number to double.

From Facebook to Instagram to Google to email marketing, we've got the important stuff covered so you can get back to dreaming up new launches and creating to your heart's content.

We offer the added bonus of being able to take care of things completely in house, which means you don't have to worry about making sure your graphic designer sent the right file to the marketer. You can trust we've got it covered and devote your attention to what's worth it. We'll make sure all the wheels are turning smoothly.

Get ready to leave the cycle of feast or famine and build a robust marketing system that yields the profits you've always dreamed of. It's that easy, with our help.

‍This package exists for brands who have mastered the basics of their marketing system and are ready to sit at the big kids' table. We'll take care of all your marketing and create a powerful machine that gets the results you need to grow the way you want to.

A master at her craft.
“Had the pleasure to work with Jo on 3 in depth creative projects with strict timelines. It was refreshing to see a professional actually know what they are talking about and execute with laser precision. We’ve worked on projects with Jo's team from full blown branding and marketing audits (she crushed it), 20+ page website builds (looks beautiful), and implemented a really strategic digital advertising game plan inside Facebook and Instagram and is crushing it. I look forward to working with Jo on many more projects.”
Travis Eubanks, Digital Marketer
Each campaign brings a high, steady flow of leads.
“Each campaign brings a high, steady flow of leads which has been a success in the development of our businesses. We also have people visiting our studios to enquire who say they first learned about us via Facebook™. We have found McKee Creative respond to our enquiries within one business day. The team at McKee Creative are calm when placed under pressure, extremely professional, and want us to be a success. They are willing to help and advise us with the best solutions.”  
Jessica & Andrea, Easy Exercising
In-depth understanding that produces results.
“I could not recommend Jo and the team at McKee Creative highly enough!They have such an in-depth understanding of digital marketing that produces results. Their approach to building out strategies is as thorough as it gets; the service & communication is outstanding.”
Nathan Doran
Lives up to its name.
“McKee Creative lives up to its name. Jo and her team are such a pleasure to work with and they are extremely knowledgeable about Facebook ads. Her team takes a lot of pride in their work and they get results for businesses who want to grow. I highly recommend them!”
Jula Pereira
Highest quality customer service I have seen.
"Jo understands digital marketing from the inside out.When she builds strategies, she works to understand every detail, mapping out everything so you know what is happening and why, and then her team delivers with some of the highest quality customer service I have seen."
Raul Hernandez

What marketing results can you achieve with the Economy package?

We've used this very system to double multiple clients' profits within less than a year, yielding impressive ROAS of 10 X on average. We've road tested it time and time again and refined it to be the perfect system that can guarantee results.

What’s included?

Facebook/Instagram campaigns (up to $30k/month ad spend)
Google Ads (up to $30k/month ad spend)
Tik Tok Ads (up to $30k/month ad spend)
Email Marketing: flows, segmentation, analytics & up to 7 campaigns per week
Weekly blog posts based on keyword research
Daily organic posts on Facebook and Instagram
Daily organic posts on Tik Tok
Monthly review and strategy call
Weekly tailored written update
Save $100 every 2 weeks
Save $250 every 2 weeks
Facebook/Instagram campaigns
Google Ads
Email Marketing: flows, segmentation, analytics and 1 campaign per week
Weekly blog posts based on keyword research
Monthly review and strategy call

Our satisfaction guarantee

Imagine an agency that says “Hey, if within your first 30 days you’re not satisfied with our work, we’ll refund the fees and send you a case of wine for your time.”

You found it.

We aren’t amateurs or kids working from laptops in bedrooms so, no, we don’t guarantee ROI. We don’t own or control the ad platforms and sadly, don’t have the Zuck on speed dial.

But we stand by our work.

Within your first month you’ll have a sense of whether you want to hang around.

Think of it like a dating period before we move in together. If for any reason you think it’s not a good fit in the first 30 days, simply say the word and we’ll go our separate ways.

We’ll even refund the agency fees paid to date AND send you a case of wine for your time.Just like dating though, we reserve the right to break up with you too.

Our clients stay with us for a long time, often for years. It’s important we get this right and you feel ZERO pressure to stay.

If you don’t feel that our work is delivered professionally and on time, let us know within the first 30 days. Terms and conditions? Check them out here.

How to subscribe to the Economy Package

1. Click through to purchase your subscription

2. Within 24 hours of purchase you will receive a briefing document to complete

3. Once that document is sent to us, we will arrange an onboarding call so that you can meet the team.

How long does it take to see results?

We will have purchase data ready for your first weekly written update, including a comparison on performance against your previous campaigns.

Quality, keyword-researched blog posts will be published weekly, from week one.

Email marketing will be reviewed and improved from week one: both automated flows and campaigns.

‍Your ads will be live within one week (7 days) of the briefing document being completed.

Within the first seven days after filling out your onboarding document, you will get:


What is covered in the subscription?
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Does it matter if I have
a start-up brand?
What does your
work cover?
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If you feel uncertain about which package best suits you, schedule a call with Lemuel for more details.

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Up to $10k/month ad spend on each platform

Facebook/Instagram campaigns
Google Ads
Email Marketing: flows, segmentation, analytics and 1 campaign per week
Weekly blog posts based on keyword research
Monthly review and strategy call
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Paid annually, agency fee only
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