The All-in-One Marketing Set Up for eCommerce Businesses

October 28, 2021

The All-in-One Marketing Set Up for eCommerce Businesses

For businesses who aren’t interested in paying monthly agency fees and don’t have the skills needed to do it themselves, the All-in-One Business Marketing Kit is what you’ve been looking for.


Walk away with a clean setup for Facebook & Instagram, Google and email marketing

We created this kit because, time and time again, we met eComm business owners who weren’t ready to commit to an agency but were eager to get their digital marketing up and running to grow their businesses. 

They didn’t want to spend $5k a month on agency fees but they couldn’t do it all themselves (there are a lot of different skills involved, after all). They wanted help getting it all set up (the hardest part) and guidance in how to run it once everything was all good to go. 

Here are just a few things you need to know to set up a solid digital marketing strategy: pixel tracking, SEO expertise, copywriting, graphic design, media buying, automations, segmenting… to name a few. 

It’s no wonder small eComm businesses don’t have the capacity to do it all themselves or the means to hire an in-house marketing team. 

With the All-in-One Business Marketing Kit, here’s everything we’ll do for you:

  • Write a full funnel of Facebook ad copy
  • Write email nurture sequence, abandon cart automation & upsell email
  • Facebook ad creative (images, gifs & videos)
  • Email templates
  • Complete Facebook funnel set up + one month of management
  • Email automation set up
  • Google & SEO set up
  • A one-on-one training session so you can continue to manage it once the 60 days is up


How Conscious Calendar Co sold more than half their 2022 calendars by mid-October 2021 with the All-in-One Business Marketing Kit

Conscious Calendar Co is an eComm store selling beautiful advent calendars filled with crystals, jewellery and even seeds (among other conscious gifts). Sarah, Conscious Calendar Co’s Founder, was eager to sell out of her calendars by Christmas and knew she needed a scalable marketing plan to do it. 

As a fairly new, still-growing business, Sarah decided hiring an agency for ongoing management wasn’t viable at this stage. Instead, she got in touch with us and purchased our All-in-One Kit so we could help her get everything well underway.

When she came to us, they didn’t have much in the way of ad copy or creative, nor had they gained much traction with Facebook ads. 

We spent the first couple of weeks getting well acquainted with her brand tone, writing a full funnel of ad copy, setting up email automations and strategising. 

Before the first month was up, we had Facebook ads running and emails sending off nicely to nurture new customers and get those abandoned carts across the line. 

After we’d been working on the marketing for six weeks, they’d sold more than half their 2022 calendars (two months before Christmas). 

The results?

  • A 3.35X return on ad spend for the month of September at top of funnel as reported in the Facebook ad account (we estimate it to be a lot higher given the iOS updates - when compared with overall revenue for the month, the blended return is 7.8 x return on ad spend).

  • A 138% increase in revenue on the previous year and 114% increase in orders (156 for the month of September).

And when the 60 days were up, we sat down with Sarah and walked her through her ad account, email platform and Google Analytics so she felt confident to take care of things herself.

Here’s what she had to say at the end…


Wondering if the All-in-One Business Marketing Kit is right for your business?

The kit is perfect for you if…

  • You’re a new business looking to reach a larger audience and establish a loyal customer base.

  • You’ve been around for a while and never invested in digital marketing but you’re ready to take the next step and grow your business.

  • You’ve tried to DIY it but realised how much work goes into setting up and managing digital marketing and just couldn’t find the time.

  • You’ve worked with a digital marketing agency in the past but you were barely making enough sales to keep up with their monthly fee, making it hard to break even let alone come away with a profit.

  • You recognise the importance of digital marketing and want to manage everything in-house but you need some expert guidance getting everything set up and ready to go!

  • You want peace of mind knowing your marketing strategy has been road-tested before you take over, so you know you’re getting something that works.

“Jo understands digital marketing from the inside out. When she builds strategies, she works to understand every detail, mapping out everything so you know what’s happening and why.”

Raul Hernandez


The All-in-One Business Marketing Kit will give you the solid foundation for your business’s digital marketing to:

  • Bring the right customers
  • Stay top-of-mind with them
  • Provide the information they need
  • Bring in a consistent stream of sales or leads 
  • Increase your overall revenue

Learn exactly how our All-in-One Business Marketing Kit works here.








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