Messenger Bot Example

August 25, 2020

Messenger Bot Example

Find out how we get 71.4% conversion rates with Messenger, PLUS get free fill-in-the-blank templates ...


How to get people talking

Today I’m going to show you exactly how Daisy Cup saw a 71.4% conversion rate from people clicking the ad to giving their email address, by using Messenger Marketing.

We used a simple lead magnet called “Top 10 Essential Period Hacks” so that the audience would find it relatable.

If you want to stand out from your competition, deliver value to your prospects and get them easily handing over their email address to you, this is the system to do it.

Get your copy of the Free Messenger Template to build your email list here.

Read about DaisyCup’s example, then follow the instructions to set up your own flow in ManyChat.

Or if the thought of DIYing this is a bit much, read the example and then get started with us so that we can do it for you.


Any brand benefits from a solid email list

It means you have an audience you can speak to at any time, with no ad spend.

And it helps you keep your profits high at competitive times of the year, when big brands drive up the costs of paid traffic - you can pull back a bit on your “cold” paid traffic prospecting during those times, and focus on your email list instead. 

To grow DaisyCup’s, we offered people a free ebook called Top 10 Essential Period Hacks and used a simple Messenger flow (no pun intended … they’re really called flows in ManyChat!) to capture email addresses and deliver the PDF.

Why not just run an ad to a landing page opt-in? Because the engagement rate on Messenger is much higher. 

On this campaign, 98.8% of people who clicked from the ad went on to engage with the Messenger flow,  and 71.4% of those gave their email address as backup. 

Here is the difference: 

With our Messenger bot strategy:

Clicks: 100

Messenger Opt-ins: 98

Email Opt-ins: 71

With a standard landing page strategy:

Clicks: 100

Email Opt-ins: 20

And yes, as you can see from the screenshot below, it’s an incredibly simple setup. Once we had the email address logged, users were redirected immediately to a URL where they could download the ebook:

We then also sent them the ebook via email.

What happened next? DaisyCup nurtured these leads via an email sequence that walked them through the ebook.

Once you get someone onto your list, make sure you pay attention to them. Keep it human - just nurture the relationship so that you’re top of mind.

To get started with that you can download our bonus email sequence template here from our Copywriting for Profit site, and adapt it to suit your business. 

What’s great about this sequence is that you’ll walk the person through the “thing” they downloaded. This makes sure they get the benefit of the information (how many of us are guilty of thinking “I’ll read that later”?) and gives you a good reason to be in their inbox.


How to set up your own Messenger Flow in ManyChat to build your email list

A simple overview:

Step 1: Copy this flow into your Pro ManyChat Account. We’ve improved it from the one used for DaisyCup so that it’s GDPR compliant, particularly for anyone using this in Europe.

Once you have it in your own account, go through and edit every message, image and tag to suit your business.

Step 2: If you don’t have a ManyChat Account, it’s easy to set up here.

Hit the big “get started free” button but you’ll need to upgrade once you’re in, to use the features we need. At just USD$10/month it’ll become part of your “secret weapon” toolbox.

Step 3: Integrate your ManyChat account to your email platform (CRM):

  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Integrations
  • Choose your email provider and enter the URL and API keys to hook them up. (You’ll find those under the ‘Developer’ tab in your email platform). If you don’t have an email provider yet, sit tight as there’s a solution further down.

Step 4: Set up your Growth Tool in ManyChat. This is the link to activate your flow. Go to Growth Tools:

Click on Growth Tools. Then, click on the blue button: “New Growth Tool”

Scroll down the options a little until you find Facebook Ads JSON tool (it’s a Pro feature):

Give your Growth Tool a name you’ll remember, and click NEXT. You’ll see a code like this:

When you make your ad, you’ll go to your Ad Account, create a new campaign and choose Messages, like this:

Then, make your ad as normal - insert your headline, news feed link description, body text and image or video. At the bottom you will see an option for the Message Template. Choose ‘Advanced Setup’ and ‘Edit’ as in the image below.

A window will open up that contains your JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) code. Delete all that code, then go get your own JSON code from your ManyChat Growth Tool, and paste it in here. Remember to label this so you know what it is later!

When you have published your ad, make sure you go back and preview it in your own news feed, then click through to make sure everything works as it should - remember to check that the email address gets added to your email platform, too!


BONUS: How to get your Lead Magnet done without having to write it yourself

If you need someone to write a lead magnet for you that people can get when they engage with your bot, head over to Your Ads on Demand.

Click the Red “Order Now” button,  select ‘Article/Blog Post up to 1200 words’ and put your details on the Campaign Brief after payment.


Bonus: example social media ad copy to adapt and send out to people so that they click on your link.

What social media ad copy you use is going to depend heavily on your product or service, of course.

For instance, we went all the way with Daisy Cup, using this:

But you might want to start with something more generic so that you can adapt it easily, like this ad here.


Bonus: free lead generation follow-up email sequence to adapt and send out to people who are added to your email list from your Messenger Campaign.

Once someone has downloaded your resource, you would be doing them no favours by setting them adrift.

Walk them through it. Let them know you’re able to help if they need assistance. Be top of mind when they need what you do.

Download your copy of this follow-up email sequence and adapt it to suit your business.

If you don’t have an email platform, we are proud partners of ActiveCampaign - for the price and feature combo, it’s fabulous. You are welcome to join under our Partner Account which means you’ll get priority support thrown in. To do that, email me: and we’ll get you set up.


Get My Fill-in-the-blank Messenger Template (Valued at $500)

In the past it would have cost you $500 to have my team build this Messenger flow for you.

Clients happily paid for it as part of their full campaign setup.

But today I’m giving it away to you for free. 

It’s GDPR-compliant and perfect for building your email list.

Download it below and use it right away.

Fill-in-the-blank Messenger Template to build your email list (Valued at $500)

Then, message me here and let me know whether you’re going to make it happen!


Your turn

Did you know that Messenger is set to become the single biggest marketing channel in the next 5-7 years?

It’s a personal way to communicate, right in someone’s Messenger inbox where they’re already talking to friends. People engage with a conversation very easily in Messenger.

And did you know there are businesses out there who routinely bring in 30-40% of their income from their email lists?

Messenger + email is a powerful combo.

Make your list your powerhouse. You’ve probably heard of the Chinese proverb that asks “When is the best time to plant a tree?” and the answer is “20 years ago. The second-best time is now.”

Your email list is that tree, and Messenger is a terrific way to boost its growth.


Want us to take it off your hands and make it happen, just like magic?

We can look after the whole thing: create your lead magnet, build your Messenger bot, hook it up to your email platform, write the follow-up email sequences and manage the ads so that the traffic’s coming in.

If that sounds like a relief, book a call with me here:


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Here’s to your success!

Jo McKee


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